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Life in NYC: When Brunch Goes to the Cats

Whether you are a cat or dog person - seeing those enormous eyes of a shelter animal peering out from a metal cage will turn you into putty.

After a cozy bottomless brunch at Pardon My French (order the Oeufs Bénédicte de Scandinave - you're welcome), my friend Kate invited us to head a few blocks up to the cat shelter where she often volunteers.

Located in the Lower East Side, Ollie's Place is a strict no-kill animal rescue organization that lovingly hosts young & adult cats until they are rehabilitated & adopted. Solely manned by volunteers, Kate runs the organization's social media accounts & insures that each cat's profile is up to date (Go Kate!).

The whole front window of the lower level space is filled with plush beds, feathered toys & ladders. A very warm & playful environment, it's perfect for you to spend time getting to know each cat - the staff knows every cat by name & personality so they are great at suggesting who would be a good match for you.

Although I have never owned a cat, I spent my first few months in NYC catsitting for friends in exchange for housing so I have recently been missing the cuddles that come with a personable cat. I instantly fell in love with a silky black, 1 year old male with giant green eyes & a fluffy bobbed tail. He had just been brought in off the street a few hours prior but he was already the talk of the shelter for how well he'd adapted to the new environment & the lovebug he naturally was. His nametag on his cage read "Good Boy" but as soon as I saw him I dubbed him "Pantha". A complete ragdoll in my arms, we just bounced around the playroom & I could've stayed with him all day.

Unfortunately, after much discussion with Beri, I knew that it just wasn't the

right time to bring a pet home with so many trips coming up for the holidays. But considering how other potential adopters were eyeing him while we cuddled & waiting for their turn with him, I'm sure he was quickly scooped up to a loving home.

The adoption process takes about 2 weeks including an online application & a home visit to ensure that you will be the perfect forever friend for your new bud. If you're building doesn't allow kitties, feel free to volunteer or just stop by to give a few hugs.

Also, feel free to donate a few dollars if you're passing through the LES!

Experienced 12.03.16


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