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Experience Iceland: Sheepshead for One

My final day in Iceland I needed to grab a quick bite at the bus station & after a SXLLM​​few translations, was stoked to find more authentic meal options. In true “going out with a bang" fashion, I opted for the most absurd item on the menu - Icelandic Sheepshead, when else would I have the chance? The perfectly cooked meat fell right off of the bone revealing the delicacies of tongue & eye. Although I felt straight out of The Walking Dead, I quickly scarfed down the meal leaving the teeth gleaming & the staff quite surprised at my genuine appreciation of their cuisine.

Breakfast in Iceland is fairly similar to a light US buffet with a unique addition of pickled mustard herring dip. I tried it once & then tried it twice to confirm that it was just not for me - the aftertaste will get you. Other than that, everything we had was DELISH! Plenty of fresh fish dishes to select from & each entree included a side of root vegetables. When I strayed away from fish, I was served the most flavorful, tender, coconut chicken at a local hotspot, Hjá Hölluja whose underwhelming exterior appearance holds a hidden gem.

Ofcourse what would be a trip to Iceland without a stop at a viking eatery? Fjöukráin transports you back 1,000 years in time when greeted by servers & performers in traditional viking attire that features skits based on Icelandic history. Inside the dark cavern, the rooms are covered with rough pieces of raw wood, candlelight, bones and animals skins draped over the rustic tables and chairs.

Throughout my trip, many friends had various dietary restrictions & every restaurant was extremely accommodating, quickly presenting gluten free or vegetarian options. When asked about the top import that Icelanders could use - locals replied with "more vegan options" which I was quite surprised by.


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