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Experience Iceland: Into the Blue Lagoon

After starting our trip with a private Icelandic breakfast & tour at The Viking World Museum, we made our way to the world renowned geothermal spa, The Blue Lagoon, to soak off the stress of New York City. It doesn't matter if you avoid "touristy" things like the plague - this is a must do.

The Nordic culture is meticulous about hygiene, as the vikings once were (fun fact). Coming in as strangers, showering in the nude with your travel companions forms a quick bond on your first day together. We were forewarned that the silica drys your hair out so we slathered our hair in the provided conditioner - alternative option was to simply keep your hair out of the water but I felt as though that squandered the experience.

As soon as we waded in, we were greeted with trays of blue cocktails. Swimming further in there is a "mud hut" that provides you silica mud to lather yourself in as you float & sip. 15 minutes later, a rub & a rinse leaves your face tingling. Wandering under the bridges we all found a cove to ourselves that provided plenty of scenery for group photos as the sun rose over the craters. About an hour & a half was plenty of time to explore the caves, bar, & sauna before cleaning up for our next stop.

Tid Bits:

-Easy stop when coming to or from the airport

-Reservations are required, atleast get the "Comfort" package as you will definitely want a towel for privacy or warmth

-Do not omit the conditioner. Even with it, took a few days for my hair to return to normal texture.

-No worries about stocking up on gifts, products are sold in the airport as well

Experienced November 10, 2016


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