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Caviar Kaspia: Parisian Cult Fave Graces New York City

Caviar Kaspia Limited Time Pop Up

Tucked away down a cobblestoned alley in Tribeca, Spring Place is a member's only "clubhouse" that simultaneously functions as a co-working space, full-service photo studio, event venue, and creative agency. Last year, Spring Place hosted more that 30 shows during fall fashion week while debuting its $20 million renovations. Continuing to impress, Spring Place has graced New York City with a 3 month pop up of Paris' beloved Caviar Kaspia in honor of its 90th anniversary.

My boss was prepping for a solo backpacking trip through New Zealand so it was only fitting that we ball out on caviar the night before she left for three months in the wilderness. I am obviously not the proper caliber of bougie, as I was oblivious to what the fuss was about when trying to arrange a reservation to this socialite treasure, "Caviar Kaspia is invite-only, can you kindly provide reference to make this reservation". Thanks. Providing our Spring Place membership info sufficed but I do have non-member friends that were able to lock down reservations; I swear my Russian friends manage to get in anywhere. Just a reminder that in New York, it's all about who you know.

We had the first reservation of the day to commence a packed social evening. Three hostess booths in, we were ushered into a completely unrecognizable space; the usual red velvet sunken living room often used for creative productions had been transformed to embrace the "Golden Age Twenties" of Paris. Every detail of the pop up restaurant replicated the ambiance of the original Caviar Kaspia while carrying a sentimental value for New York Parisians. From the table linens to the chairs to the artwork, each piece of the production was imported from Paris and recreated under mirrored ceilings. Unlike the highly publicized December launch party, our evening was calmly quiet in a near empty restaurant. Vibrant parties began to occupy the space closer to 9pm as we were making our way out the door.

I'm not even going to try to describe each type of caviar because I lack the ability to differentiate but here's what our order looked like. Caviar Kaspia's signature baked potato is world renowned and is priced depending on your selection of caviar topping. It's absolutely delicious but obviously not your average baked potato, it better not be for the price. I recommend atleast one person in your party order the potato under the agreement to share a bite while you opt for the Egg "In Raviolo".

Royal Caviar Trilogy 50g each of Imperial Baeri, Oscietra Selection, Oscietra Reserve

Royal Salmon Carpaccio 20 g White Sturgeon Caviar

Baked Potato with Caviar 30g Oscietra Reserve

Egg "In Raviolo" Ricotta and Farmed Egg Raviolo, Beurre Blanc,10g Oscietra Selection Caviar

Vodka-Lemon Sherbert

Wild Strawberry and Raspberries

"But Britt, I'm not down with the fish eggs". No fret finicky one, you can still partake in the classy scene while enjoying an array of dishes sans caviar. Although an exquisite evening of delicacies, a few hours here can set you back almost a month's rent - our quiet meal for two rang up to over $1,200 ... excluding the bottles of champagne. The space is sure to be packed with New York Fashion Week kicking off this week but you only have until February 15th to save up your pennies and experience the finest caviar in all the land.

Bon appétit!


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