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Alright, this is where the story takes a turn, a bit more personal about the actual struggles.

2 weeks of making life long friendships and having an itinerary it was time to complete wing it. I had booked one excursion before I left the States so I knew I had to be in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand by March 25th and in Bangkok by March 30th. Health issues, travel issues, accommodation issues...  but what's a journey without. The extreme highs, some pretty lows & how I would've done things differently. And a lot about how you must roll with the punches and set backs.

Cheapest flight out of Siem Reap, just googled Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok & plenty of tours do the same trip so I took a ton of itineraries and customized them to fit my timeline 

Cut to the Chase

Cities I Visited: Kuala Lumpur (unfortunately twice), Temana Negara, Cameron Highlands, Penang, Langkawi

Kuala Lumpur

Period wrath, what I'd been dreading



Batu Caves - men from Jordan

how to get there

Great restaurant...

right net to a "dark restaurant" tempted to try but want to go with beri in new york

Temana Negara

Mornings, most people don't want to chat, ok. but after first stop try to start. reminder that it's hard to get into a tight group.

The village, accommodation options

- B & C places.... ants in food, no big deal

Night Safari


Into the Jungle


Shooting Rapids

Cameron Highlands

Underwhelmed, thought would be a great place to rent a vespa

disclaimer: beginning of spring break

strawberry farms

huge tourist hub

stand still traffic, so many personal/rental cars

took half an hour to get out of the city center

scenery was very beautiful

dropped family off at a country club next to the spa & golf course


Known for street food & street art


Kelly from South Africa

2 for 1 drinks...

I had great plans climb the hill, wander the city

I was so utterly upset with myself for wasting yet another day 

I normally don't blast places but I don't think I've ever been so furious with a place. Once again used Agoda, someone had recommended near Love Lane so I figured it couldn't be too be too bad since at end of road. Walked in at 10p to go to bed and I could hear the metal shaking, I knew this would be a problem. Music blasting till 4am. Like full on DJ screaming happy birthday and drunk girls screaming. Different if instrumental but ofcourse it's dance pop so I couldn't turn my mind of from singing. ear plugs, head wrap, towel & pillow, couldn't drown out the music.

The "Photo" trap. Guy asks you to take a phot, then ask if you want a photo taken with it, asks to take a photo with you. Cool whatever everyones loves americans, but use that as an opportunity to work their hand up your back around the shoulder.  Such a fine line between being a bitch because there are cultural differences 


Worst ferry ride of my life and it sucked to be alone. I felt the blood draining from my face, and crawled over a couple to find a bathroom but could barely see straight tor stand up. Knees buckled on the stares, saw a small wastebasket next to the exit and crawled over to it, keeping my head between my knees the rest of the ride. A quick stop. conference had the whole island on gridlock

Splurged $80 for a street room at a hotel on Chiang Beach. actually much further from port than I thought. Decided to book flight instead of ferry... stay extra night in Koh Lipe.

Friends: A guy from Syria, nicknamed Leo 

As mentioned, I really was not in the mood to chat with anyone. I wanted to be in my own head, soak up the sun, float in the salty sea without making chitchat. 

So I felt highly annoyed when I woke up early to enjoy a morning walk on the beach before I headed to the airport and I have never been so viciously  cat called every few steps.  I understand that every 10 ft there is another water sports both and it's extremely . Other than a "Baby let me have you. Just for one night", nothing was said but I could feel the eyes and the whispers following me down the beach.

At that moment I really understood the benefit of Muslim wardrobe and the hijab. Although I held a confident gait and a strong gaze ignoring my audience, I wished that I could hide in a burka.

Airport - looking back 

not being taken seriously, normally wouldn't have cared whatever. but so close to end of my trip and the excursion that I had booked weeks ago and what was driving my travel wouldn't happen. Had to take moment to take deep breathes in the bathroom. 

grateful that I was not throwing up and that the airline did not give into customer pressure when there was a mechanical problem.

Dragged back to Kuala Lumpur

was expecting a hotel in the parking lot

Beautiful country club... 

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