In the Land of


Reykjavik, Iceland | November 2016 -- Over the past few years I've often updated friends with flight deals in hopes of wrangling a group together but unfortunately time and money just never seemed to align until now. A short 5 hour flight from NYC, Iceland is a great budget friendly flight option and now IcelandAir's Stopover encourages you to spend up to seven days exploring before you continue onwards to Europe.


IVY coordinated a 4 day, 3 night stay for 35 members from across the country and the inaugural trip went off without a hitch. With thousands of IVY members across 7 cities, exploration is a common denominator that brings all of us together. An "adventure" expedition, our heavily packed itinerary took us to to the "must-dos" of the country as well as provided us an inside look to daily life on the island. Not one to jump at the idea of a "tour group", it was refreshing to be wisked from stop to stop with good food and friends in tow. Landing at 4am in Keflavík International Airport, our adventure in The Land of Fire & Ice commenced. 


In true “going out with a bang" fashion, I opted for the most absurd item on the menu - Icelandic Sheepshead, when else would I have the chance? The perfectly cooked meat fell right off of the bone revealing the delicacies of tongue & eye.


After starting our trip with a private Icelandic breakfast & tour at The Viking World Museum, we made our way to the world renowned geothermal spa...


Although I stayed an extra day by myself in Iceland, most adventure excursions last ½-full days & everything seemed to cut it close for my afternoon flight. After some quick research the night before & recommendations from our local photographer/new friend, I booked the earliest, shortest tour (2.5hr) with The Icelandic Horse. Saving the Ice Caves for the next visit!

Horses are typically 3 gaited bu...

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